Dear valued WeVPN customers,

We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen financial difficulties, WeVPN will no longer be able to provide our services to you. We understand the importance of maintaining your privacy and online security, which is why we have reached out to Windscribe, a leading VPN provider, to assist our customers during this challenging time.

Windscribe has graciously agreed to offer free accounts to all WeVPN users for the remaining duration of their WeVPN subscription. By taking advantage of this offer, you will gain access to Windscribe's extensive network of servers, robust security features, and excellent customer support. Please note that by participating in this offer, you understand and accept that WeVPN will not be responsible for any other form of compensation for this inconvenience.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and want to express our gratitude for your support throughout our journey. While this is not an official partnership, we are confident that Windscribe will provide you with the quality VPN experience you have come to expect from WeVPN. To redeem your free Windscribe account, please follow the instructions provided on the Windscribe website. Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you the best in your future online security endeavors.

Continue your VPN service by visiting and registering an account for free at Windscribe. The Windscribe system will then check how much time was remaining on your WeVPN subscription and provide you service for that period of time. Also if you have an expired WeVPN subscription , Windscribe will still provide you 3 months of service free of charge.

The WeVPN Team