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Does WeVPN work on Asus routers?

Yes, WeVPN works on Asus routers! We provide setup guides for configuring our VPN on your router, for both the default firmware and Merlin. As well, if you’re using Merlin on your router you can do advanced configuration using the VPNMGR addon.

Default Router Firmware

The standard firmware that comes with these routers (AsusWRT) supports OpenVPN out of the box! Because of this it’s fairly easy to download our configuration files, retrieve your VPN username and password, and then import those into the VPN configuration section of your router.

To make things simple we’ve got this support article which goes through the process. This page has pictures and links to guide you through the setup.

Merlin Firmware

Asuswrt-Merlin is an alternative firmware which extends the features of Asus routers. In particular, it provides tweaks and fixes on top of the default AsusWRT firmware and aims to extend the default firmware while providing a familiar interface.

There are a few ways to configure our service when using this, which we’ll go through below.

Default Configuration

The default Merlin configuration is a simple install, and uses similar steps to the default firmware installation above. However, because this setup supports reading the username and password directly from the downloaded configuration file, you don’t need to manually enter those details. The article outlining how to setup and use WeVPN on this setup can be found over here.


The other way to use our service on Merlin is with the VPNMGR addon. This project lets you easily manage connections to different VPN providers, and WeVPN is one of those supported. Our article on this links to the thread where you can find more information on this addon. And that’s where you can find instructions on how to configure it.

How We’re Different

We work with firmware writers to ensure that our service works for their new releases! Because of this you should have a seamless, safe experience even when updating your firmware. This makes sure that Asus routers using our service work in a fast and secure way.

In addition to just Asus, we provide setup guides for the OpenWRT and DD-WRT firmwares. This means that WeVPN is the natural choice when selecting a VPN for use with your router, computer, or mobile device.  With native browser addons as well, it’s simple to get started. Try us out today for a fast, safe, and secure VPN experience.

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