Easy To Use VPN

WeVPN is one of the easiest VPN services to use, making it easier than ever before for internet users of all skill levels to protect their privacy online.

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Why is WeVPN the Easiest VPN service to use?

We understand that most people just want peace of mind when they go online, without having to worry about whether or not they set up their VPN right. So, we designed our VPN apps to be easy to use, whether you are a computer expert, or just going online for the first time. Simply “Click to connect”, and you’re ready to go! You can actually make it even easier than that - just a few clicks and you can set it up to connect the VPN automatically when you open the app.

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Easy to use VPN features

While WeVPN is very easy to use, it is also packed with features to keep you protected, but we made sure they are all easy to understand and use. Some even make our VPN even easier to use, such as “Auto-Reconnect”, which will automatically reconnect the VPN if your VPN connection is ever lost. If you have a favorite VPN server, you can even tell the app to always choose it any time it auto connects.

Easy to use VPN privacy protection

All VPN services rely on VPN protocols to determine how they function. Unfortunately, it can be a little complicated for someone just starting out. Fortunately, WeVPN has an Automatic Protocol Selection function that will choose the protocol most suitable for you.

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