Fastest VPN Service

WeVPN is consistently one of the fastest VPN service providers in the VPN industry, making it perfect for streaming, gaming and downloading, in addition to your everyday browsing activities.

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Why is WeVPN the fastest VPN service?

We know how important a fast VPN connection is to our users, so we use state of the art server and network hardware and technology and upgrade it all regularly. This ensures a lightning fast connection that is perfect for streaming, gaming and downloading large files.

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Fastest VPN Servers

WeVPN uses the fastest VPN servers we can in all 66 of our VPN locations. Many VPN services claim that the number of servers determines how fast a VPN service will be, however that is simply not the truth.

Those VPN’s typically deploy a high number of inexpensive, older servers, that are incapable of meeting the bandwidth demands their service requires. Some even divide those already underpowered servers into many virtual servers in order to inflate their server count, however this leads to more instability and slower speeds, making streaming, download and gaming almost impossible.

WeVPN uses high quality servers and network architecture, ensuring a fast, reliable connection, every time you need it.

WireGuard® VPN Protocol

WireGuard® is a newer open source VPN protocol with a small code base, faster connection times, and much faster speeds. Because of these improvements, it is an ideal choice for streaming, gaming and downloading large files.

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