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Strict no-logs policy

WeVPN does not log or share any of your personal information. To further protect our customers we utilize RAMDisk servers which are wiped when rebooted.

Split Tunneling

WeVPN offers Split Tunneling on Windows for the purpose of allowing customers to only send traffic for certain applications though the VPN tunnel.

Advanced Leak Protection

The WeVPN application comes automatically equipped with IPV6 and DNS Leak Protection. Your IP & DNS requests are protected from being exposed under any circumstance.

Kill Switch

The WeVPN Kill Switch prevents your activities and sensitive data from being exposed in case your VPN connection drops. This will ensure that your internet connection is protected at all times.


WePLAY is a WeVPN feature that allows you to enjoy a secure streaming experience anywhere you are. Forget buffering and censorship. Use our WePLAY submission system to let us know if you're experiencing issues with a service..

Shared IP Address

WeVPN shares each IP address with thousands of other VPN users which makes it impossible for anyone to trace your internet usage back to you.


Using our advanced Auto-Connect feature within the WeVPN application, you can trigger your Windows device to automatically connect to our VPN servers. This proactive approach will make sure you are never at risk of being exposed.

Ultra-Fast Servers

WeVPN only uses bare-metal servers to provide one of the fastest VPN services available. This allows for enhanced security & performance while also allowing us to enable P2P in all of our locations.

WeBlock Security

Block malicious ads, trackers & malware by enabling our powerful WeBlock feature. This will speed up your internet and provide you with an enhanced internet experience.

Multiple Devices

WeVPN offers an easy-to-use VPN application for every major computer, mobile device and more. With a single WeVPN account, you can enjoy complete security on up to 10 devices.

Best-in-class Protocols & Encryption

WeVPN offers both industry standard VPN protocols: OpenVPN and iKEV2/IPSEC using best-in-class AES-256 GCM encryption. This will provide the highest grade of end-to-end protection for your device.

iOS & Android Accessibility Features

With a single click you can connect to your most recent server locations using our 3D touch feature. We've also introduced a simple WeVPN widget to make device security an effortless experience.

Best Location Finder

WeVPN has developed a method to determine the best VPN location for your device, based on speed, latency, distance, and server load. Rather than searching for the location which will give you the best speed and security, WeVPN makes it easy through the use of our best location technology.


WeDNS is active on all of our VPN servers. Your DNS queries are encrypted with DNS over TLS at all times. This means we keep absolutely no logs of your queries. Additionally, this protects you from DNS poisoning and MITM (man in the middle) attacks.

Sealed Server Technology (SST)

WeVPN's Sealed Server Technology (SST) guarantees our customer data is always encrypted and inaccessible, even physically. Our servers are LUKS encrypted and built on RAMDISK which means all data is wiped upon device restart. WeVPN SST also ensures that nobody is able to access our VPN servers after deployment, including our own technical staff.

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