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How does having a shared IP address help?

When you use a VPN to browse online, the VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet. The VPN masks your IP address and shares it own as part of the connection process. The Server IP Address is shared with every person who is currently using that server which means that any traces can only be traced to the server and cannot be used to identify the end use.

By using a VPN, your own IP address is obfuscated by the VPN connection which protects your personal information and activity from anyone who wishes to monitor you.

What does 'hide my IP' mean?

Everyone on the internet has a public IP address. Every time you connect to the internet, a website or even a mobile app, your IP address is logged.

When you use a VPN to connect, the Server IP address is logged instead of your home IP address. This is what it means to “hide your IP” or “change your IP”.


Why do I want to change my IP?

Your IP address tells a lot about you. It tells someone your real world location, your internet service provider and your browsing habits. This can be used to track you in the real world or even manipulate your browsing experience.


Hide my IP means Hide my Location

IP addresses can be used to trace your real world location by even an amateur. This can be used for something as simple as to target you with regional marketing or, sadly, for more nefarious purposes.

WeVPN replaces your IP address with a secure VPN server IP address from a choice of over 100 servers in over countries around the world. This puts you back in control of your digital life.

Hide my IP means Protect my Identity

Each device on the internet has a unique public IP address which can be used to uniquely identify your device which, in turn, means traced back to a single person. This allows companies to target advertisements specifically to you. This allows Governments to monitor your digital footprint. This allows malicious entities to target you.

This is great for those people but WeVPN believes in digital freedom, privacy and security. If you do not want people to know what websites you visit, what you download and who you talk to, you need to hide your IP.


Hide my IP means Restore my Freedom

By knowing your public IP address, companies are free to manipulate your digital experience through targeted advertising and discriminatory price practices. Your Internet Service Provider is free to monitor, block and redirect your connection as they like. Governments are free to monitor and censor your access to information based on what they think you should be able to access.

By using WeVPN you are free to access the information that you want to access, defeat censorship and restore your digital freedom.

Why is WeVPN the best choice to hide my IP?

WeVPN was founded by veterans of the VPN industry, those people who strongly believe in freedom, privacy and security and work towards providing that goal. We’ve built a comprehensive suite of features to benefit our users whilst maintaining a strong commitment to transparency and privacy. As such, WeVPN is the best choice for your VPN provider.

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