Law Enforcement Request Guide

WeVPN offers a software based virtual private networking (VPN) service used by subscribers around the world that helps individuals protect their identity online. For the quickest response and acknowledgement for a formal legal request, please send the instrument via email to

What information does WeVPN retain

WeVPN does not retain logs of user activity or who was assigned an IP address at a particular time and date. Nor does WeVPN retain logs as to when a user logged into the VPN service and for what duration. For account purposes, WeVPN maintains account details collected during account creation including email address and encrypted password. Further details include account type, date of account creation/deletion, and form of Payment.

What are the values of WeVPN

The team at WeVPN believes that privacy is paramount and that all requests for information from law enforcement must be confirmed and properly vetted. WeVPN will provide account information only in response to a valid subpoena, warrant, or court order that has been confirmed that requires us by law to disclose the information. Also, it is the policy of WeVPN to provide notice to a user if there is a pending request to turn over information unless we are formally prohibited from doing so by law.

How does WeVPN response to law enforcement queries

Law enforcement queries must refer to a specific user account by email address. WeVPN will not respond to a request that is overly broad and could violate the privacy of a large number of individuals. All law enforcement queries must provide valid legal process for the types of information requested, and all instruments must adhere to the relevant Rules of Criminal Procedure before we will disclose any information.

How to contact our legal team

For emergencies relating specifically to account information, please contact If you have a law enforcement request that requires mailing or facsimile, please use the below information:

WeVPN Ltd.
Attn: Legal Department
Intershore Chambers,
Road Town, Tortola,
British Virgin Islands.

While WeVPN agrees to accept service of law enforcement requests based on the above methods, WeVPN does NOT waive any legal rights based on this accommodation.