WeVPN Privacy Policy

Our top priority here at WeVPN is customer data protection. We want to be clear about how we use any of your information and what information, if any, is stored by us. WeVPN is a strict no-logs VPN service provider. We do not keep any logs related to which VPN servers or IP addresses our customers are utilizing, when they’re utilizing a specific IP on our network, or what they are doing while connected to our VPN servers.

Due to the limited amount of information stored by us, we are unable to assist any third party under any circumstances with respect to acquiring any information pertaining to our customers and their usage of our network. We do not store any sensitive data related to our customers.

This privacy policy will serve as a legally binding document between yourself and WeVPN Ltd. (hereinafter "WeVPN," "we," "our," or "us"). By continuing to utilize services provided by WeVPN, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy. If for any reason you disagree with all or part of this Privacy Policy, please do not utilize services provided by WeVPN.

Any questions related to this document must be forwarded by email to legal@wevpn.com.

Data Processing

WeVPN is not interested in collecting more data than is absolutely necessary to provide a strong and secure VPN service. That being said, this is the information which WeVPN does process, and an explanation regarding how this information is processed :

Strict No-Logs Policy

WeVPN does not log any information related to the use of our VPN and we cannot identify a user account under any circumstance.

This is due to our strict no-logging policy which ensures that we do not log any of the following:

  • No logging of traffic.
  • No logging of DNS requests.
  • No logging of connection details including: when one is connecting, connected or disconnected.
  • No logging of VPN session connection details including: timestamp, duration, or location of connection.
  • No logging of user IP addresses.
  • No logging of user bandwidth.

Aggregate sum of data transferred (in MB)

We collect information regarding the total sum of data transferred by a given user. Although we provide unlimited data transfer, if we notice that a single user pushes more traffic than thousands of others combined, thereby affecting the quality of service for other WeVPN users, we may contact that user for an explanation.


We collect minimal usage statistics to maintain our quality of service. We may know, for example, that a customer had transferred an aggregate of 743 MB of data across a 24-hour period. The customer can't be uniquely identified as responsible for any specific behavior because his usage pattern overlaps with thousands of other WeVPN customers who also connected to the same location on the same day. We’ve engineered our systems to categorically eliminate storage of sensitive data. We may know THAT a customer has used WeVPN, but we never know HOW they have utilized our Service. We stand by our firm commitment to our customers’ privacy by not possessing any data related to a user’s online activities.

Email Address & Payment Data

WeVPN must collect your email address when signing up for services at WeVPN.com. Your email address is used to identify you as a customer and provide you with the ability to sign in to our applications, receive support from our technical team, receive updates regarding our platform and receive information about upcoming Products and services brought forward by the WeVPN team.

Our policy is to keep your email address safe and make sure that it is not shared with any third parties. When signing up for WeVPN you can rest assured that we will only utilize your email address to communicate important information regarding your account or to communicate announcements related to WeVPN. We do not sell or share your email address with any third party organizations for any purpose.

Payment data is inputted when signing up for an account at WeVPN.com. This data may include your Paypal address, credit card details, billing address, and other information related to your chosen payment method WeVPN relies on third party payment processors including Paypal, Stripe, Amazon Payments, Bitpay, and other processors to handle payment details and collection of fees.

App Diagnostics & Crash Reports

WeVPN applications provide the opportunity for users to agree or disagree to sharing application diagnostic data which will help us to identify any pitfalls to our application and any potential bugs/errors which may be present.

All application diagnostic data and crash information is provided in a completely anonymized form which does not include any personal identifying information. Crash reports and application diagnostic data is collected and provided to us by the following companies depending on the application in reference :

Windows: Visual Studio App Center, owned by Microsoft. See Microsoft’s Privacy Policy.

Mac: Firebase Crashlytics, owned by Google. See Firebase’s Privacy and Security documentation.

iOS: Firebase Crashlytics, owned by Google. See Firebase’s Privacy and Security documentation.

Android: Firebase Crashlytics, owned by Google. See Firebase’s Privacy and Security documentation.

Information Retention Related to Support tickets, Live Chat, Application Feedback

WeVPN retains its right to keep records of support tickets, live chat conversations, application feedback and any other communication between customers and our company. This allows WeVPN to provide the best possible level of service & support the needs of WeVPN customers.

WeVPN utilizes Zendesk for email, support tickets and live chat support functionality and WHMCS for account and billing processing. When you correspond with us using these platforms, they will store your correspondence records—including your email address, as well as user and device attributes that help with troubleshooting, such as the country you are contacting us from and your device’s operating system. WHMCS is a self hosted solution which WeVPN serves from an HTTPS url. WeVPN takes precautions to make sure WHMCS is protected at all times in order to ensure that all customer information is protected.


WeVPN offers SmartDNS as a feature with the WeVPN service. SmartDNS is a feature which enables access to popular streaming platforms. SmartDNS can be accessed in the members area and requires the Customer to whitelist their IP either manually or by auto detect. The IP registered is stored in an encrypted database accessible only within our internal network. A Customer’s IP can be removed by the Customer by selecting the 'Remove IP' option within the members area.

SmartDNS is an opt in feature and is not enabled by default.

Protecting Your Information

WeVPN has utilized any and all resources at its disposal to provide the safest experience for its users. Our company employs physical and technical security on all servers utilized by WeVPN customers. User information is only accessible by authorized staff of WeVPN & absolutely no third parties. Although we protect user information with all resources available to us within our data centers and within our technical means, it is not possible for WeVPN to guarantee that your information is 100% protected. That being said, WeVPN has done its due diligence in providing the highest level of protection possible.

We employ a strict no-log policy on all of our VPN servers. This means that we collect absolutely no information about which users are connected to which IP’s at any given time. In addition, we do not log anything regarding which websites are visited by our customers or when such websites have been visited through the use of any type of timestamp.

Based on our commitment to security, we take a firm stand against any request to log data pertaining to our customers. If any of our data centers request for us to begin logging due to legal reasons, we will immediately seize to do business with that data center due to our commitment to protecting our user information. In addition, if any third party were to ever get access to our hardware, based on our security practises our hardware is encrypted and is further running on RAMDISK which means it is formatted upon reboot; thus protecting any and all information pertaining to any customers connected to our VPN servers.

How to Edit or Delete Your Information

In the case that you are no longer a customer of WeVPN and you are looking to have your information deleted from our servers, please get in touch with support@wevpn.com. One of our friendly staff will gladly assist you in removing your email address and account from our platform.

Although we are a NO-LOGS VPN provider, please keep in mind that we will not be able to delete your account information under such circumstances :

  • If we have any ongoing account issues which remain unresolved at the time of your request. We may ask that you resolve such issues prior to requesting for your account to be deleted.
  • If we have any risk or security related concerns with your account we may retain the right to keep your account on file until such concerns are resolved.
  • If we require any information regarding the accounting details related to your account or any other accounting obligations, we may ask that you wait for a certain period of time prior to having your account details removed from our servers.


WeVPN uses various types of cookies in order to provide a better experience for our current and future customers. Cookies we use, include :

  • Google analytics & Google Adwords are utilized by WeVPN to keep track of statistics related to what countries our website is receiving traffic from, how long individuals are staying on our website, which pages are being visited, where our traffic sources are, and more. In addition, we utilize Google Adwords to acquire new customers and advertise effectively.
  • Affiliate Marketing Cookies are utilized by WeVPN to identify where customers are referred from and to grant commissions to our affiliates based on their performance & sales.
  • Personalization cookies are used by WeVPN to personalize WeVPN content and pages in a way which will be effective for users to see the benefits of our product based on their specific needs.

Any and all data acquired by Google related cookies are governed in accordance to our Privacy Policy as well as the Google Privacy Policy.

Users are able to block cookies through their browser settings at any time. Please visit your browser’s help menu for more details on how to do this. Users may also choose to specifically opt out of Google’s cookie collecting by visiting the Google Advertising Opt-out Page, and the Google Analytics Opt-out page. In addition users are welcome to opt-out of third-party vendor cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-out Page.

Third Party Website Linking

WeVPN may provide links to third party websites on occasion throughout the WeVPN.com website. WeVPN is not responsible for any information provided on those websites or their respective Privacy Policy. Please take caution when visiting any external website outside of WeVPN.com. WevPN cannot guarantee that any third party website will respect the same level of privacy as WeVPN itself.

Age Restriction

WeVPN is a service which is intended for individuals aged 18 and above. If you are under the age of 18, please do not sign up to use services provided by WeVPN.com. In the case that you are made aware of anybody utilizing WeVPN services under the age of 18, please report it as soon as possible to support@wevpn.com.

Jurisdiction & Applicable Law

WeVPN’s main priority is to secure customer data through the use of our VPN servers and applications. In an effort to do so WeVPN’s registered place of business is within the British Virgin Islands(BVI). This was a strategic decision made in an effort to protect customer data and hold strong to our mission of always being a NO-LOGS VPN provider.

GDPR Compliance

WeVPN collects minimal data pertaining to our users because we want to protect their privacy at all times. The General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) gives members of the European Union certain rights with respect to their personal data. Individuals that are living in the European Union have the right to access, delete, correct, transfer or object to the processing of their personal information by emailing support@wevpn.com.

Any communication between WeVPN and it’s current or past customers is strictly with provided consent. That being said, users have the right to withdraw consent for WeVPN to store their personal information at any time.

The data outlined in our Privacy Policy is collected for the purpose of providing benefits to our customers. Some of these benefits include :

  • Providing updates regarding WeVPN and related service information.
  • Providing applications and services our users have signed up to receive.
  • Keeping users informed about account functions, subscriptions, processed payments, and newly developed additions to their subscribed plan.
  • Providing valuable customer support.
  • Communicating with customers to understand feedback and provide a more effective solution for customer needs.

Modification of Our Privacy Policy

WeVPN retains the right to modify the Privacy Policy from time to time without providing notice to our customers. By utilizing the WeVPN website and applications users must be in agreement with our Privacy Policy. If for any reason you are not in agreement with our privacy policy, please do not utilize our applications or website.

How to Contact WeVPN

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy and how we handle your information, please feel free to contact WeVPN at the following email address: support@wevpn.com.