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Get 1 month FREE for each friend you refer

Refer Friends

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Get 1 month FREE in 3 easy steps

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Step 1

Invite friends

Share your referral link with friends through your WeVPN account.

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Step 2

They sign up

Your friends sign up using your link and stays with WeVPN for 1 month. They’ll need to be a first-time WeVPN subscriber.

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Step 3

Get rewarded

We will automatically credit an extra month to your subscription.

Refer Friends

Don’t have an account yet ? Get WeVPN

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find my referral link?

Sign in to your WeVPN account through our website. In your Dashboard, click the ‘Refer a friend’ tab and grab your unique link.

Frequently Asked Questions


When will I get my reward?

The friend(s) you referred have to keep their subscription for at least 1 month. When that time comes, your rewards will be automatically credited to your account.


Can I join this program without a WeVPN account?

No, an active WeVPN subscription is necessary to get your unique referral link. Don’t have account yet? Get WeVPN today.