Best VPN to unblock websites at school

Does your school block your favorite websites? WeVPN is the solution! Our VPN can help you bypass their Wi-Fi restrictions, giving you uncensored access to the internet.

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Why do you need a VPN for school?

Many of the most popular websites, such as YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook and Spotify, are blocked by some schools, preventing students and faculty members from visiting them. WeVPN can help you unblock these websites and services by bypassing your school’s Wi-Fi restrictions. With just a click, you’ll be enjoying your favorite streaming sites, accessing your social media accounts and connecting with your family and friends, without restriction.

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Why you need a VPN for school instead of a proxy

While a proxy can change your IP address, in many cases, it won’t be enough to unblock your favorite sites. That’s because a proxy doesn’t encrypt your connection or any data you transfer, which also makes it much worse for your privacy than a good VPN service like WeVPN. In addition, VPN servers are typically much faster and more reliable, which is critical for most tasks, especially streaming, gaming and downloading large files.

Bypass school Wi-Fi restrictions to unblock websites

WeVPN unblocks more streaming services than any other VPN, as well as all of the popular social media sites and most other online services and apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia and much more.

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