Sealed Server Technology (SST)

Your data is safe: All our VPN servers are LUKS encrypted and built on RAMDISK which means all data is wiped upon device restart.

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All WeVPN VPN servers do not rely on hard drives. We recognize that any and all information that we may store on a hard drive could inadvertently be retrieved if somehow our server hard drives were hacked or seized. In addition if a backdoor was installed an attacker could gain additional information and defeat our server defenses.

To solve this we use the latest RAMDisk firmware and we do not run a custom version. Our VPN servers are entirely run on RAM (which only lives so long as the power for the server is ON). When a server is powered off all data is destroyed instantly. This allows us to stop potential intruders right away with no risk to your privacy and security.

Server Automation / No Human Interaction

All WeVPN servers are created and managed using Ansible; an open-source software provisioning configuration management and application-deployment tool.

This means that no employee or anyone ever accesses our machines and we ensure that all of our machines have the same configuration setup.


Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) Encryption

Although our servers run on RAM Disk we still need to have a hard drive to provide the instructions to the server to load our VPN server software on RAMDISK and therefore having RAMDISK alone is not enough. We believe that having multiple layers of defence is crucial.

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