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What can I use WeVPN for?


Shop smarter

Students are always looking for good deals while online shopping and a VPN can help you find some really good deals. Shopping online with the aid of a VPN can help you find deals on all sorts of things. There are dollars to be saved by using a VPN - whether you’re looking for video games or other software and even travel deals on flights, hotels, or car rentals. When you’re a student, every cent counts and a VPN just makes sense.

Do away with geo-restrictions

The internet used to be a free and open place for everyone with a connection. Now, though, internet users always run into sites or services that deny access simply because of what country you are connecting from. Geo-restrictions are discriminatory and contradictory to the open nature of the internet. Luckily, a VPN does away with geo-restrictions. Just choose a VPN server in the location you want to access the internet from and you’ll be able to bypass geo-restrictions.


Don’t let your school control how you use the internet

Your internet use is your own business. Schools and other educational institutions often block access to social media sites, streaming platforms, downloads, or adult content for people on their network. The internet is meant to be open, and all those blocks can be safely bypassed with a VPN. When your internet connection is encrypted, the provider of the internet can’t know what you’re doing - and that’s the way it should be.

Your downloads should remain private

Torrenting and downloading files is not illegal, and is an established way of downloading large files such as Linux distributions. Despite this, many schools are very strict about banning torrent users from their networks or fining them. That’s right, some schools will remove your ability to access their internet if they catch you torrenting. As a student, that’s a nightmare that should and can be avoided. With WeVPN, all of your traffic is encrypted and your school won’t be able to spy on your internet history or downloading activity.


Protect yourself on public WiFi

In this day and age, it’s pretty much impossible to be a student without internet access. Whether you’re connecting to WiFi in your dorm, in a school library, or at a local coffee shop, you need protection. Unsecured, open WiFi networks are not safe and you never know who might be snooping on the internet traffic. Using WeVPN VPN adds encryption to your internet connection and protects you from other devices on the network and the network provider itself.

Enjoy the best VPN features with WeVPN

WeBlock Security

Block malicious ads, trackers & malware by enabling our powerful WeBlock feature. This will speed up your internet and provide you with an enhanced internet experience.

Ultra-Fast Servers

WeVPN only uses bare-metal servers to provide VPN services. This allows for enhanced security & performance while also allowing us to enable P2P in all of our locations.

Advanced Leak Protection

The WeVPN application comes automatically equipped with IPV6 and DNS Leak Protection. Your IP & DNS requests are protected from being exposed under any circumstance.

Kill Switch

The WeVPN Kill Switch prevents your activities and sensitive data from being exposed in case your VPN connection drops. This will ensure that your internet connection is protected at all times.

Best-in-class Protocols & Encryption

WeVPN offers both industry standard VPN encryption protocols: OpenVPN and iKEV2/IPSEC using best-in-class AES-256 GCM encryption. This will provide the highest grade of end-to-end protection for your device.


Using our advanced Auto-Connect feature within the WeVPN application, you can trigger your device to automatically connect to our VPN servers. This proactive approach will make sure you are never at risk of being exposed.