Travel VPN: WeVPN can keep you connected and save you money when traveling

When you travel overseas, you can use a VPN to avoid trouble logging into your social media accounts, streaming services and more.

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Why do you need a VPN for travelling?

Some websites are blocked in different countries, especially social media and streaming sites. Additionally, some sites block traffic from certain countries. Using a reliable travel VPN like WeVPN can help you get around these geo-restrictions so you don’t miss out on anything. Simply select a server location in your home country, and you should be able to access your favorite sites without any problems.

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How to save money with a VPN next time you travel

Did you know that airlines charge different prices for tickets, depending on where you are buying them? It’s true! Changing your IP address to a different country before buying tickets can often save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your airline tickets. This trick can also save you money on car rentals and some hotel rooms.

Avoid government and ISP surveillance with a travel VPN

Many government governments and internet service providers (ISP’s) monitor and log everything people do on the internet. This can include personal or even confidential information, embarrassing photos or financial information.

You can protect yourself by using WeVPN every time you connect. Our powerful VPN encryption will keep your browsing data and passwords safe from prying eyes.

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