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What is a VPN?

VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. A VPN allows you to create a secure connection between your device and an external network. In this case, you would utilize the VPN service provided by WeVPN to connect from your device to our network for the purpose of security and privacy while accessing the internet.

Based on the secure protocol (OpenVPN/IKEv2) your connection between your device and the internet is encrypted. We utilize 256-bit encryption to provide the highest level of security through our WeVPN tunnel.

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Benefits of using WeVPN

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Complete Online privacy

Hide your IP address and browse the web anonymously. Use WeVPN to shield your digital identity and footprint at all times.

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Enhanced Cyber Security

Your internet connection is fully encrypted using the most advanced security protocols at WeVPN. Stay protected on any network including public Wi-Fi hotspots.

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Internet Freedom

Safely unblock content from your favorite streaming service providers. WeVPN helps bypass worldwide censorship while allowing users to defeat throttling and experience ultra-fast browsing.

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Here are more benefits

Affordable VPN

WeVPN is an affordable VPN solution which values your privacy for just $2.49/month.

Stay Safe On Wi-Fi

Use our auto-connect settings to immediately connect with our VPN servers when you're on Wi-Fi.

Bring Your Entertainment Abroad

Stream all of your local content no matter where you travel.

Safe & Fast Torrenting

Download P2P files safely while connected to any of our VPN locations.

Better Travel Rates

Access travel booking websites from different locations to take advantage of better pricing.

Block Ads, Trackers & Malware

Take advantage of our WeBLOCK™ feature which will protect you from ads, trackers and malware.

VPN Protocols & Security

OpenVPN is the most common VPN protocol used by VPN services. OpenVPN has been audited several times by security professionals and it has been proven to be secure. For this reason, OpenVPN is considered the standard security protocol.

IKEv2 is another protocol we offer at WeVPN. While IKEv2 is not considered the standard security protocol in the VPN industry, it is a very fast alternative to OpenVPN.

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