Vilfo is the perfect VPN router for WeVPN

Vilfo is a Multi-Gigabit VPN router that secures all devices in your network and is powerful enough to encrypt traffic up to 500 Mbit/s.

Using WeVPN in Vilfo is simple. Simply enter your credentials and all of their VPN servers will be available for you to choose from.

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Why Vilfo?

VPN on all devices

Don't waste time manually configuring and maintaining VPN's on each single device.

Vilfo's VPN router secures all devices in your network automatically and acts as a central gateway for managing your privacy and security.

Powerful VPN router

Ordinary routers aren't powerful enough to encrypt VPN traffic. Vilfo is different.

Vilfo's powerful processor enables VPN encryption speeds of 500 Mbit/s allowing you to benefit from high-speed internet while staying protected.

Group devices

Other routers only allow a single VPN connection forcing all devices to go through it.

Vilfo allows you to decide exactly which devices should be connected to which VPN connection - or if they shouldn't be connected to a VPN at all.

Easy to setup and control

Other solutions require hours of troubleshooting while leaving you with multiple potential security leaks.

Vilfo's VPN router has a simple, beautiful and powerful interface that removes all complexity while providing superior security and privacy.


Why set up VPN on a router?

Having a VPN router is a clever, quick and comfortable way to ensure that every device in the network is secured.

  • Protect as many devices as you want

  • Saves time

  • Protect devices that normally don't have VPN support

  • Never forget to connect

  • Access your network from anywhere

  • Use split tunneling

regions in countries

All of WeVPN's VPN servers are updated in Vilfo on a daily basis, ensuring that you can connect to all of their regions. Vilfo's killswitch also ensures that if the VPN connection to WeVPN is lost, no internet traffic will escape unencrypted.

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Using WeVPN in Vilfo's VPN router

One click away

Configuration files are a thing of the past. Using WeVPN in Vilfo is easy. Just click on them and enter your credentials for WeVPN.

All their VPN servers will automatically be available to use afterwards.

Connect to several VPN servers simultaneously

You can even be connected to multiple VPN servers at the same time.

For instance, connect one group of devices to WeVPN's VPN servers in Denver and another group to their VPN servers in Miami.