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Private Browsing


Cyber Threat Protection


Faster Browsing Experience


Access Blocked Content

Unlimited devices. Unlimited queries. Zero logs.


Browse the web privately. Block ads & trackers.

WeDNS hides your internet browsing from ISPs, advertisers, government entities by encrypting your DNS traffic. WeDNS also allows you to block ads and trackers from advertisers for a seamless browsing experience.



Protect yourself against cyber threats.

WeDNS secures your internet browsing by protecting you against malware, phishing attacks, cryptojacking, and more.


Enjoy a faster browsing experience.

WeDNS runs on WeVPN’s global server network, ensuring a fast internet experience wherever you are. Additionally, blocking ads from loading makes the websites you visit lighter and faster to load.



Defeat Internet Censorship.

Internet censorship is on the rise. Countries are increasingly blocking keywords, apps and websites to control information. WeDNS bypasses DNS Hijacking, allowing you to defeat internet censorship and access an internet without borders.

WeDNS Features

WeDNS is free & always will be.

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Global Network

WeDNS runs on WeVPN’s worldwide server network, allowing for a fast browsing experience wherever you are in the world.

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Unlimited Queries & Devices

Use WeDNS on as many devices as you'd like, with no limits on DNS queries.

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DNS Firewall

Stay protected against malware, phishing websites, ads & trackers.

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Modern Encryption

Enjoy the privacy and security benefits of DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS. We also support the Anonymyzed DNSCrypt protocol, which protects your IP from being exposed.

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This feature validates the authenticity of all DNS responses to protect against DNS spoofing.

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The Query Name Minimization Enforcement feature minimizes the information used for the DNS resolution process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy. Your ISP or Google DNS do not offer any sort of digital protection, exposing you to cyber threats. Additionally, they keep logs of your browsing habits to serve you targeted ads. WeDNS encrypts your browsing history, blocks ads & trackers and protects you against cyber threats.

The WeVPN team believes Privacy and Freedom are fundamental human rights and should be accessible to anyone. WeDNS offers a free and modern privacy protection solution for those who cannot afford or do not need a full solution like WeVPN. We are able to offer WeDNS for free with nothing in return because DNS queries do not represent heavy bandwidth and we are able to use much of the WeVPN server infrastructure.

Changing your DNS to WeDNS helps to protect your privacy by encrypting your DNS queries. However, please note that a DNS resolver cannot encrypt your internet data, only your DNS queries. In other words, it encrypts only information about what websites you are visiting. If you want to encrypt all your data, we recommend using WeVPN.

WeDNS is a service that encrypts and translates domain names to numerical IP addresses that servers use to communicate with each other. WeVPN is a service that allows you to connect to the Internet via an encrypted tunnel. This means all your internet data passes through that tunnel and is protected from being viewed by anyone outside the tunnel. WeVPN protects your location but WeDNS cannot change or hide your IP address.

WeDNS is a free service and can be used on as many devices as you want.

What are WeDNS endpoints?

WeDNS Endpoints

Setup WeDNS using one of the endpoints below

DNS over TLS Modern and secure protocol - sometimes blocked by restrictive firewalls.

DNS Firewall

Blocks malware, phishing attacks, cryptojacking, ads and trackers.

Hostname Port
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DNS Firewall

Blocks malware, phishing attacks, cryptojacking, ads and trackers.

Hostname Port
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DNS Firewall

Blocks malware, phishing attacks, cryptojacking, ads and trackers.

Region Hostname Port
US West
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US East
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