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Use WePLAY™ to enjoy your favorite content without boundaries.


WeVPN introduced WePLAY™ as a major stand against streaming services that do not support privacy.

WePLAY™ is a unique technology introduced by WeVPN to help meet the worldwide streaming needs of our customers. Thanks to the WePLAY™ technology, streaming services are unable to detect the usage of a VPN service & block access to media content.

Why WePLAY™?

To know why, we have a story for you

Our team understood that...

there was a problem within the industry before the inception of WeVPN. Streaming services were blocking access to content immediately upon recognizing that a user was connecting from a VPN service.

For this reason, ...

residents of the US were not able to access Netflix US content from the moment they connected to a VPN, residents of the UK were not able to access BBC iPlayer from the moment they connected to a VPN, and many other services followed this same process.

Although there were many...

other methods of verifying an end user’s location, an abundance of streaming services decided that it was better to put customers at a disadvantage for valuing their privacy. WeVPN is here to help consumers fight back and eliminate censorship.

Unlock More Content

Are you looking to access media content or websites which are not currently working with WeVPN? Our users can easily submit new streaming service requests using the WePLAY™ submission portal located in the web dashboard.


You submit a request

Report any streaming service which is failing to load for you while connected to WeVPN.


We investigate

The WeVPN team will investigate the streaming service and implement a solution.


Email you the result

After investigating and resolving your request, we provide you with status updates via email.

Unblock your favorite streaming content today with WePLAY™