WeVPN for Huawei

Secure Internet For All Huawei Devices

  • Internet freedom on your Huawei devices
  • Safe access to your favorite content
  • 30-day money back guarantee
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How to setup the WeVPN Huawei VPN App

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WeVPN for all of your Huawei devices

Connect your:

  • Huawei Mate Series
  • Huawei P Series
  • Huawei Nova Series
  • Huawei Y Series
  • MatePad Pro Series
  • MatePad Series
  • MatePad T Series
  • Media Series

Compatible with:

  • MagicUI 4.x
  • EMUI 11.x
  • MagicUI 3.x
  • EMUI 10.x
  • MagicUI 2.x
  • EMUI 9.x
  • EMUI 8.x