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Smart DNS For Playstation

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How to utilize WeVPN on your Playstation

Using the SmartDNS service included with your WeVPN subscription, you can unlock access to your favorite content on Playstation. Enjoy endless entertainment on all of your devices with one subscription to WeVPN.

How to set up smart DNS on Playstation?


01step 01

Sign In to your WeVPN account.
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02step 02

In your dashboard, select SmartDNS tab then select Playstation and the location then click “Show config”


03step 03

A popup will appear where you can have all the instructions needed to configure your Playstation

Why choose WeVPN?

  • Sealed Server Technology (SST)

    WeVPN's proprietary Sealed Server Technology (SST) guarantees our customer data is always encrypted and inaccessible, even physically. Our servers are LUKS encrypted and built on RAMDISK which means all data is wiped upon device restart. WeVPN SST also ensures that nobody is able to access our VPN servers after deployment, including our own technical staff.

  • WePLAY™

    Our proprietary unblocking technology allows you to access streaming content from your favorite streaming service providers worldwide. Use our WePLAY™ submission system to request specific streaming services and our technical team will implement a solution to meet your needs.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    WeVPN offers friendly web based live chat & in-app email support. If you have any difficulties with our VPN service, get in touch with us and our team will do their best to assist you.

  • Honest Pricing

    Enjoy one of the fastest and most reliable VPN services on the market for a fraction of what other providers charge. We are a VPN service driven by consumer needs & built by security professionals.

    Our plans start at $3.07/month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WeVPN is a Virtual Private Network service offered on all of your favorite operating systems. When you are connected to WeVPN your identity is hidden because all of your internet requests are sent through one of WeVPN's secure servers. This means that there is no way to connect your internet activity back to you as long as you're utilizing the VPN service. Your identity is hidden through WeVPN by altering your IP address. This is a unique identifier that connects your internet usage back to you as an individual. While utilizing WeVPN, your internet activity is pooled with many other users and there is no way to trace your actions back to your original IP address because WeVPN does not keep logs.

Yes, you can utilize P2P applications while connected to any of our VPN server locations. WeVPN prides itself in worldwide P2P support.

You can enjoy the amazing benefits of WeVPN on up to 10 devices at the same time, without worrying about needing another subscription!

WeVPN does not keep any logs. Through the use of a proprietary Sealed Server Technology(SST), WeVPN is able to utilize an encrypted RAMDisk which is destroyed upon restarting any of the global VPN servers. The "Sealed" part of our server technology guarantees that our own technical staff is not able to access any of the content on our VPN servers after deployment.

Try WeVPN 100% Risk-Free

Try our VPN service on all of your favorite devices. If you're not satisfied, get in touch within 30 days to receive a full refund.